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Brushed Aluminum

Our NEW line of sound system plaques replaces the older plastic version with ALL NEW aluminum! The dimension are the same 12" x 6.75" (16x9 aspect ratio), but the quality of these new plaques is phenominal.

We start with a 1/8" thick aluminum plate and brush it to give it a super cool modern look. Next, we bevel the edges and drill recessed holes to accomodate tapered screws. This allows you to hang the plaque without having screw heads raised above the surface of the plaque. In the next step, we black anodize the whole plaque (front and back). In the final step, we etch your favorite logo through the anodized layer to reveal the shiny brushed surface of the plate.

The end result is a stunning yet elegant product that you'll be proud to hang on your wall.
Brushed Aluminum
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