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Home Theater Product Information

Creating your updating your own home theater and unsure of where to start? Stargate Cinema offers these handy information pages to help answer any FAQ to help you get the ball rolling with anything concerning your home theater (seating, decor, lighting etc.)

Feel free to contact us at 800.314.8578 when in need of any product knowledge or design ideas.

Planning & Measuring a Home Theater Room
First things first. You want to make sure you have enough room for everything you want in your home theater room. Click the link above for tips, examples and recommendations when measuring your Home Theater Room.

Home Theater Brand Comparison
No one wants to settle for a less than perfect brand. It's all about top quality merchandise at great prices. Click the link above to read up on some of our top brands that help us create nothing but the best for your home theater.

Selecting Home Theater Seating
Sometimes when choosing Home Theater Furniture you may come up with more questions than answers. What are the dimensions? How long do they take to ship? What's the difference between Leather Vinyl Match and Bonded Leather? Click the link above for a No Mess How to Guide on selecting your seating match perfect in comfort, style and function.

Top Rated Home Theater Seating
Not quite sure where to start when it comes to Home Theater Seating? Rest assured, these models will help put you in the right direction. With over fifteen Home Theater Seating brands to choose from, Stargate Cinema offers the most in Quick Ship and Custom recliner seating that fits your home theater perfectly.

Commercial Movie Theater Seating
Whether you're looking to mock a famous or local commercial movie theater for your personal home use, or constructing a community theater of your own, Stargate Cinema offers various Commercial "Movie Theater Seating" style models at great prices. This style seating differs from the luxury reclining units. Click the link above for more information.

Leather Seating Care
If you've chosen a Bonded, Leather Vinyl or Full Leather cover for your configuration, you'll need these tips to maintain the life of your furniture. These Do's and Don'ts will help prolong the life of your seating so you can get your full moneys worth, and never skimp on comfort or look.

Measuring Home Theater Carpet
Furnishing your theater room with Home Theater Designed carpet can be the glue of the entire design and help tie everything together. With plenty of different designs patterns, our Home Theater carpet selection has something for everyone! Click the link above to learn what to do after you've chosen the perfect design.

Choosing Home Theater Decor
Okay, so you've covered some carpet and seating for your home theater but need to strike up some decor for your walls and room space. Where to begin? It's really based on preference. Stargate Cinema offers over 9,000 products, many of which being home theater decor.

Home Theater Design Tips
Listed here are some simple Dos and Don'ts when constructing your home theater from scratch, or tweaking it for a desired update.

Home Theater Lighting
Brighten up any home theater, residential or commercial setting with any of our lighting units. From Theater Themed sconces to unique Star Ceiling panels (which bring the night sky in 24-7!), we guarantee you'll find exactly what you're looking for in our extensive lighting department.

Concession Equipment and Supplies
Add some fun to any home theater with a Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Hot Dog or Sno Cone machine! Stargate offers tons of different designs and all the supplies you'll need to get your concession equipment serving in no time!