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How to Choose Home Theater Seating

Play our How-To video for more information! With the pomp and circumstance surrounding the selection and installation of speaker systems, projection apparatuses, power amplifiers, and the labyrinthine wiring configurations that attend them, it's all too easy to neglect an equally important facet of one's home theater experience - Seating! Whether you equip your theater with commercial-grade movie theater style chairs or posh leather loungers, your seats have immense tactile influence over the comfort you enjoy in your theater. It is therefore crucial that you choose seats that are suited to your space and to those who will be using them - and our in-house seating experts are more than happy to help you make the most informed decisions possible!

Determining the quantity and configuration of seats for your theater is an important first step, and it depends not only on the purpose of your theater (entertaining friends or clients, cuddly family viewing, hosting Superbowl parties) but on the relationship of the space in your room with its existing or planned audiovisual infrastructure. It's important that your seats not only fit in your room, but that they're positioned to afford their occupants breathing room, viewing angles that won't strain their necks or eyes, and acceptable positioning within the sonic field produced by your sound system!

Almost all home theater seating comes in modular units - 2-arm, 1-arm, and armless chairs, which can be rendered in diverse configurations. If much of your viewing takes place with a spouse or significant other, one-armed seats may be placed side-by-side to create a loveseat, or they may surround an armless seat to create a couch. Seats may be equipped with wedge-shaped arms to render gently curved configurations. If your rows comprise in excess of three seats, such a curved setup is recommended to ensure that all viewers enjoy a good view of the screen.

The size and design of the chair is another important aspect. The heights of your seats' most frequent users should also be taken into consideration when ordering, as the back height of an individual chair goes a long way towards ensuring its comfort. Individuals between 5' and 5'5" in height tend to be most comfortable in seats with backs that are 41” or lower. 41-42” backs are ideal for users between 5'6" and 5'11", and backs between 43” and 44" backs suit users between 5'11" and 6'2". For those who are taller still, we recommend a back height between 43” and 46” or seating equipped with motorized headrests, which can be adjusted for optimum comfort. Lumbar support can be a crucial factor as well, as is matching the firmness of a seat's cushioning to its user's body type.

Formulating a budget for your seating purchase is of paramount importance. Stargate Cinema offers a wide selection of brands targeted at different price points to match different sets of needs, from utility and comfort to luxury, style and beauty. Seats in the commercial movie theater style, like our Evolution (from $259.99) and Alessandria (from $389.99) models, are comfortable chairs with very small footprints, optional swivel tables, and other convenient features. Bonded leather loungers like the Albany Capri (from $437.77) are stylish and configurable, with easy-to-clean covering and offer an excellent value. Palliser's top-selling Elite (from $580.00), available as a Quick Ship model or as a customizable model, features contoured seating, a tall back height, superior comfort all in a smaller footprint. Marques like Jaymar (models starting at $1249.99), Fortress (from $1499.99), and Elite (from $1800.00) represent the luxurious creme de la creme, with hardwood frames, soft and supple high-grade Valentino leather, and silent-running power recline actuation.

Seats are accessorizable and customizable - many are available with premium features such as lighted cupholders, removable dishwasher-safe metal cupholders for easy cleaning, and armrest storage compartments for remotes, magazines and more. Power recline is a popular and highly recommended option available on most seats, enabling users to lock in the precise angle that is perfectly suited to their frame and build - an amenity whose utility should not be underestimated, given that viewing of a feature-length film can demand upwards of two hours of stationary sitting. And available seat coverings range from plush fabric, to attractive bonded leather, to a leather-vinyl match (fine leather on the seats, armrest and chaise, and matching vinyl on the seat's “no-touch” points), to full Italian leather of the highest grades. Whether your needs and your budget suggest a utilitarian solution or a truly opulent, decadent, classic spread, there is likely a package that will suit you.

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If you would like our Home Theater Seating Experts to assist you with selecting the best chairs for your home theater, basement, media room, family room or any other room, we recommend that you answer the questions below.

1.) How tall are you and the other people that will be using the chairs?
2.) Are you looking mainly for black leather? Or another color leather or a fabric?
3.) If you are looking for leather, is Bonded Leather OK, or do you prefere Top Grain Leather or Top Grain with a Leather Match on the non-touch areas?
4.) Would you like Power Recline? (we sell about 90% power recline because you can stop the chair in any position and the chair locks there where you have a good viewing angle to your screen)
5.) Do you have any width constraints? i.e. are you trying to fit three or four chairs in a certain space?
6.) Do you have a configuration(s) in mind already? If not we can help you based on the space you have available.
7.) Are you looking for any other options like tray tables and storage?
8.) Do you have a budget per chair in mind?
9.) Do you have a preference for a Brand? (Palliser, RowOne, Lane etc. We can help explain the difference if you would like.)
10.) Do you prefer a softer or more firm-sitting chair?
11.) Did you want to take delivery by a certain date?

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