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How to Measure Carpet

Play our How-To video for more information! You've decided you want to order and install Home Theater carpet? Perfect, but where to start? This video will assist you with measuring your room and help you determine exactly how much carpet you will need to order for your project. Please note that Stargate Cinema recommends using a professional installer for the installation and measuring of your carpet, especially in complicated situations, but this video guide will help you determine the proper amount of carpet required in most cases. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us using our contact page or call us on our toll free number: 866.684.3843.

We will now walk you through a step-by-step guide to calculate exactly how much carpet you will need to order.

Case #1- A basic measurement where no seam is required.

Let’s take a look out how to determine how much carpet you will need if at least one dimension (the length or the width) is less than the width of the roll of carpet you are looking to purchase.

Step 1. Determine the total square footage of your space.

Let’s say you have a home theater room that is 13 feet by 24 feet. We take those two dimensions and multiply them together to get the total square feet of the theater room. 13 times 24 is 312 square feet.

Step 2: Determine the length of the carpet to order. For this example we will use our popular Silver Screen Home Theater carpet. Most carpets are either twelve feet wide or thirteen and a half feet wide. The Silver Screen Carpet is made in a thirteen and half feet standard width roll. We know that we need 312 square feet of carpet, so we need to find the length of carpet needed. To find the length we divide the total square footage by the width of the carpet. So… 312 / (divided by) 13.5 equals 23.11 ft. We’ll round this up to 24 feet. So, the length of the roll needed would be 24 feet. This will provide 324 total square feet of carpet.

For this simple case, the Pattern Repeat of the carpet does not need to be considered. Let’s look at an example of how to calculate the length of carpet needed when a seam is required and the Pattern Repeat needs to be considered.

Case #2- A measurement in which a seam is required.

Let’s say our room is 16 feet by 22 feet. We know there will be a seam in the room because most carpets only come in either 12 feet widths or 13 and a half feet widths and both the 16 foot dimension and the 22 foot dimension are greater than both of the available carpet widths. Don’t worry, this is a common installation requirement that is easily solved. For this case we will need to use two pieces of carpet. To calculate the total length of carpet needed we do the following:

Step 1. Determine the total length of carpet you will need to order.

In this example, our theater room will be 16 feet by 24 feet. We calculate the total square footage the same way as the first example. Simply multiply these two dimensions together. So 16 feet times 22 is 352 square feet.

We will need to order enough carpet to do two “runs” of carpet along the shorter dimension of the room. In this case the shorter dimension is 16 feet. So two times 16 is 32.

Step 2. Determine the amount of carpet to add to allow for the “Pattern Repeat”

Most of the carpets sold by feature intricate designs woven into the carpet. This design is repeated every few feet or inches. How often this design is repeated is called the pattern repeat . The Pattern Repeat is indicated in the product description of each carpet sold at As you can see in the product description, the Silver Screen Carpet has a 40.5 inch x 40.5 inch pattern repeat. During installation the installer will need to match the patterns. We know that the carpet will need to be shifted at most 40.5 inches to match this pattern. We round this number up to the nearest foot. So we know we need to add four feet to the total length of carpet needed. So we add this 4 feet to the 32 feet calculated earlier and we come up with 36 feet. So we order a roll of Silver Screen carpet that is 13’6” wide by 36 feet long for this example.

We have provided this guide to handle most carpet measuring situations. However, more complicated measuring situations can arise like allowing for seating risers, closets, hallways, and more. We recommend that you call us for information or consult a professional carpet installer to help you calculate the total length of carpet needed for your project in these cases. We hope that you found this guide helpful in the creating the home theater room of your dreams.