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Movie Theater Seating Color Covers

Movie Theater Seating Color Swatches

Please call us, toll free at 866.684.3843 if you would like us to FedEx a free sample of any of these color swatches.

Sherpa and Shire Fabrics

Sherpa Academy Blue Fabric

Sherpa Amber Fabric

Sherpa Autumn Fabric

Sherpa Berry Fabric

Sherpa Billiard Fabric

Sherpa Black Fabric

Sherpa Blue Iris Fabric

Sherpa Brittany Fabric

Sherpa Brown Haze Fabric

Sherpa Burgundy Fabric

Sherpa Cardinal Fabric

Sherpa Concord Fabric

Sherpa Dark Blue Fabric

Sherpa Empress Fabric

Sherpa Gargoyle Fabric

Sherpa Garnet Fabric

Sherpa Grape Fabric

Sherpa Gray Heather Fabric

Sherpa Gray Mix Fabric

Sherpa Hudson Bay Fabric

Sherpa Hunter Fabric

Sherpa Indigo Fabric

Sherpa Ivy League Fabric

Sherpa Jade Fabric

Sherpa Jambore Fabric

Sherpa Kiwi Fabric

Sherpa Maroon Fabric

Sherpa Mauve Fabric

Sherpa Mesa Fabric

Sherpa Moss Fabric

Sherpa Navy Fabric

Sherpa Neptune Fabric

Sherpa Prairie Fabric

Sherpa Purple Sage Fabric

Sherpa Purple Velvet Fabric

Sherpa Red Fabric

Sherpa Romaine Fabric

Sherpa Rose Fabric

Sherpa Rosewood Fabric

Sherpa Royal Fabric

Sherpa Scarlet Fabric

Sherpa Sparkler Fabric

Sherpa Special Blue Fabric

Sherpa Sugarplum Fabric

Sherpa Teal Fabric

Sherpa Terracotta Fabric

Sherpa True Blue Fabric

Sherpa Viola Fabric

Sherpa Willow Fabric

Shire Academy Fabric

Shire Amethyst Fabric

Shire AscotFabric

Shire Black Cherry Fabric

Shire Black Marble Fabric

Shire Bonemist Fabric

Shire Cape Cod Fabric

Shire Carmine Fabric

Shire Chive Fabric

Shire Commodore Fabric

Shire Cottage Purple Fabric

Shire Country Fabric

Shire Dragonfly Fabric

Shire Empress Fabric

Shire Espresso Fabric

Shire Eucalyptus Fabric

Shire Flora Fabric

Shire Fossil Fabric

Shire Frontier Fabric

Shire Grape Fabric

Shire Green Bay Fabric

Shire Greg Lilac Fabric

Shire Greystone Fabric

Shire Heath Fabric

Shire Herald Fabric

Shire Hummingbird Fabric

Shire Indigo Fabric

Shire Ink Fabric

Shire Ivy League Fabric

Shire Jade Fabric

Shire Jewel Fabric

Shire Laurel Fabric

Shire Lavender Fabric

Shire Lobela Fabric

Shire Marigold Fabric

Shire Maroon Fabric

Shire Mesa Fabric

Shire Midnight Fabric

Shire Mint Julep Fabric

Shire Mystic Fabric

Shire Nantucket Fabric

Shire Nectar Fabric

Shire Orchid Fabric

Shire Oxford Fabric

Shire Oyster Fabric

Shire Patina Fabric

Shire Pesto Fabric

Shire Petunia Fabric

Shire Pine Fabric

Shire Plantation Fabric

Shire Rain Forest Fabric

Shire Red Rose Fabric

Shire Regatta Blue Fabric

Shire Scarlet Fabric

Shire Sesame Fabric

Shire Steel Blue Fabric

Shire Strawberry Fabric

Shire Terrace Fabric

Shire Tiger Lily Fabric

Shire Titan Blue Fabric

Shire Tuscan Blue Fabric

Shire Valentine Fabric

Shire Veranda Fabric

Shire Verry Berry Fabric

Shire Wild Blue Fabric

Shire Wild Cherry Fabric

Interweave Fabric

Amethyst Interweave Fabric

Aspen Interweave

Basil Interweave

Black Cherry Interweave

Black Interweave

Bordeaux Interweave

Brick Interweave

Cabernet Interweave

Cactus Interweave

Cadet Interweave

Capri Interweave

Carnival Interweave

Charcoal Interweave

Chili Interweave

Claret Interweave

Coal Interweave

Dark Blue Interweave

Dark Mauve Interweave

Eggplant Interweave

Emerald Interweave

Everton Blue Interweave

Federal Interweave

Foliage Interweave

Gold Interweave

Hingham Green Interweave

Honeycomb Interweave

Indigo Interweave

Jade Interweave

Jasmine Interweave

Laguna Interweave

Liberty Interweave

Maroon Interweave

Mayan Interweave

Moonstone Interweave

New Lilac Interweave

Ocean Interweave

Orchid Interweave

Periwinkle Interweave

Platinum Interweave

Plum Interweave

Powder Interweave

Quartz Interweave

Rose Quartz Interweave

Rose Interweave

Rosemary Interweave

Ruby Interweave

Sable Interweave

Sapphire Interweave

Scarlet Interweave

Seafoam Interweave

Slate Interweave

Stone Interweave

Tarragon Interweave

Teal Interweave

Tubleweed Interweave

Twilight Interweave

Walnut Interweave

Westham Interweave


Wine Leather

Black Leather

Bone Leather

Merlot Brown

Burgundy Leather

Chenile Leather

Chocolate Leather

Green Leather

Hacienda Brown

Nuget Leather

Red Leather


Black Velour

Brick Velour

Charcoal Velour

Lichen Velour

Midnight Velour

Mink Velour

Pine Velour

Port Velour

Sable Velour

Taupe Velour


Burgundy Vinyl

Dark Gray Vinyl

Madrid Gray Vinyl

Forest Vinyl

Graphite Vinyl

Grotto Vinyl

Mountain Violet Vinyl

Navy Vinyl

Light Gray Vinyl

Safe Gray Vinyl

Black Vinyl

Blue Vinyl

Camel Vinyl

Cappuccino Vinyl

Cherry Red Vinyl

Cream Vinyl

Dark Blue Vinyl

Light Green Vinyl

Maroon Vinyl

Orange Vinyl

Red Vinyl

Wine Vinyl

Dark Green Vinyl