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Selecting Home Theater Draperies

Over 25 Years of Design and Installation Experience
Call our In-House Drapery Expert, Julie, for a custom design and quotation : 866.684.3843 (press 191 when the automated attendant answers). With over 25 years of commercial, residential, and retail design with project management experience, Stargate Cinema brings technical, mechanical and electrical engineering savvy as well as a keen eye for custom interior design and the best application approach for the space. We think out of the box to make sure each customer has options for a well-thought-out, tailored project and end result that will last for many years to come. As a third generation seamstress and project design and build expertise, our vast experience guarantees the best value and stunning results. Stargate Cinema provides services to research, purchase and supervise installation of all residential and commercial projects. We purchase direct to avoid the middle man at all cost. Saving you, the end user, on your budget and time.

Stargate Cinema uses only first quality materials customized for the end users space. Because we specialize in our trade we are better able to advise on all motorized systems on the market for the customers' needs. We take in to consideration the design, environment, budget, FR (Fire Retardant Drapes) and IFR (Inherently Fire Retardant Drapes) needs, UL rating per county and state code when suggesting a drapery system for your needs. Our in-house specialist succeeds where other fall short. Knowledge is key and we do things right the first time. Being a dealer in good standing for everything on the section 10 of an architectural and having a background in building from groundbreaking to completion we are better equipped to answer any question and our knowledge has often saved the end user valuable time and money.

Stargate Cinema purchases fabrics and track systems directly from the factory and uses only the best materials
Stargate Cinema uses our purchasing power to get you, our customer, the best possible price on the drapery and track system we possibly can. We have access to all of the best quality fabrics and both manual and motorized track systems available. Our brands include BTX, ADC, Nysan, Performance Concepts, Hunter Douglas and numerous designer fabrics from India, France and some of the finest first qualities chenilles and velours.

Stargate Cinema not only does Home Theater Drapery Systems
Because of our design and build abilities and excellent pricing, Stargate Cinema has been called upon often to fulfill curtain and drapery needs outside of the Home Theater. Other venues and customers include Worship Centers and Churches, Healthcare buildings, Educational buildings, Corporate Offices, The Hospitality Industry and Interior Designers. Stargate Cinema also has the ability to create theme design, Green design, in both a residential and commercial setting. Architects purchase direct from us and often have included our name on the architecturals. We have written specification for architects and assisted in design. We have been referred to as the one stop shopping for numerous projects.

Stargate Cinema has a network of installers capable of installing your project around the world
Stargate Cinema works with top notch installers and integrators around the U.S and the world. So, not only can we come up with a great design, we have the capabilities to install for you or your company with in the United States or globally if needed. We can also provide field measuring for more complex designs.

Here are some things to consider when shopping for a manual or motorized drapery system:

Weight of the Fabric in Ounces:
If the weight is not advertised, find out what it is before purchasing. This is a huge consideration and will tell you the quality of the fabric. Ask for a swatch of the fabric before ordering something custom.

Remote System:
IR vs RF

Warranty of the Track:
If you are ordering a custom drape system you will need a quality motorized track system to handle the weight of the fabric. The inexpensive motorized track systems will not hold up over time for heavier drapes.

Brand of the Track:
If you are purchasing a motorized custom curtain, look for a brand name track to drive the system. Brands like Makita and ADC are excellent brands and will have the power in the motor to drive the weight of the drapes.

Power of the Motor:
Make sure the motor will handle the weight of the drapes. A qualified reseller will be able to recommend an appropriate system given the weight of the drapes.

Is the track bendable for Curves?
This obviously does not always apply, but you can do some nice things with bendable track.

Fullness of the drape:
the number of "folds" (for lack of a better word) in the drape. There is typically 0%/Flat, 50% and 100% fullness available.

Stack Back:
This tells you how much room you will need on the sides of the drapes. It will be a function of the weight and fullness of the fabric selected.

Color Options

Price Point (of course)

How Loud is the motor?

In which room is the system going?
Some systems are better for certain rooms.

Please call our in-house drapery expert Julie, toll free, at 866.684.3843 to get a custom quote on manual and motorized drapery systems.