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Why Choose Power Recline?

Power recline is an extremely popular and highly recommended option available on the majority of the theater seats we offer! In lieu of a manual mechanism involving levers, pulls, and body weight, a power recline-equipped seat operates with the touch of a button.

Some consumers are hesitant to purchase power recline for fear of electrical component failure. However, power recline systems have only three main components, all of which are easy to swap out by a technician or even the homeowner themselves. There is a switch, a power supply and an actuator. The switch is held in with two small screws and plugs into the actuator with a phone-type jack or multi-pin connector. The actuator contains the worm drive and motor and is the most difficult part to replace, requiring about 30 minutes. The power supply is a small AC adaptor "brick" that simply plugs into the wall and the motor and can be replaced in a few seconds. If you ever need assistance with such a replacement procedure, please call us and we would be glad to walk you through this on the phone. Additionally, recliner motors actually reduce the operating stress on the seat's mechanical portions compared to manual models. These motors are designed to have long lifespans of frequent use, and manufacturers warranty them accordingly.

The power option is useful for far more than reducing user effort. Whereas manual recliners have only two or three discrete positions, a power recliner can be locked in at any point along its continuous path of travel. Since a feature-length film can require upwards of two hours of stationary sitting, the ability to lock your seat in the ideal position for your body type is a significant benefit!

Finally, power recline is a great boon to anyone with physical disabilities, back problems, and similar ailments. Manual recliners are built to operate as smoothly and easily as possible, but they still require a certain amount of mechanical energy which can be taxing or impossible for certain individuals to exert. Electrically actuated recliners are a very popular rehabilitation tool for individuals recovering from back, arm, and leg surgery, for example.

After a long, hard day of work, a seat with power recline can be provide precisely the sort of relaxation and comfort you need! Give our seating department a call toll-free at 866-684-3843 (option 1) or send us an email and we'll be happy to consult with you about this and other fine seating options and accessories!